About the Artist

My name is Kimb Bernhardt, and I'm an illustrator based in New York state.

I’m an alumna of Alfred University and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2012. I primarily concentrated on video art during my time at Alfred as well as some painting media. In March 2015 I completed a dual certificate program for graphic design and web design from Pace University's New York City campus.

A good 90% of all media I consumed from ages 0 - 10 was based around dinosaurs and monsters and has been the basis for most of my art content since.

I have had worked shown in the John A. Wood Gallery (2010, 2011) and the Immersive Gallery Space at the McGee Art Pavillion (2012). In 2012 I worked on an iOS-based game as an animator and character designer for a small developer, InfiniteAlice Studios.